If every human on Earth took time and dedication to study, observe and love themselves, we would have a world of dreamers, a world of peacemakers and a healthy and happy world. My life journey is the walking of that path. Join me.”

— Lawn


Spanning influences such as downtempo Trip/hop, R&B, electronica, jazz and conscious music, iamLawn is the project of New Zealand-born artist Shannon Lawn. After nearly a decade of study and dedication to the perfection of her musical artistry, she began the project officially in 2016 while walking across Spain, dedicating her life to source; joy, abundance, well-being and all existence.

 So far, the project has carried her to various incredible performances -- she has played in concerts and festivals such as Freekuency, Total resistance, Urban Jungle, Sons da Cidade and Hitchfest to name a few. She independently launched her own solo debut album (with participation from Georgia-Anne Muldrow) and video clips, she has participated in the composition of a track for the Netflix series, 'Berlin Dogs', she has collaborated with artists from all over the world and helped many people to bring their own musical visions into fruition.

Her music is deep, designed to direct you inside and invite you into your own source of love and light.


They say:

''If Erykah Badu, Björk, Amy Winehouse, Kimbra and Portishead (the whole band formation from 1997) all made love in this giant orgy until a musical baby was born and gave that baby a Valium, that baby would be... iamLawn''

She says:

''I love music, but The WAY I move through life is my true artwork.
Music allows me to share my joy and love with my Earth family. More than anything, I want to connect deeply to myself and the source of all, naturally this translate externally to invite you, the listener, inside and to allow you a glimpse into the infinite love that we come from, that is your birthright.''

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