don't think, just do it”

— Lawn to self


Spanning influences such as downtempo Trip/hop, R&B, electronica, jazz and conscious music, iamLawn is the project of New Zealand-born artist Shannon Lawn. She began the project in 2017 while living in a community of artists in Coimbra, Portugal -- which included staging various experimental shows around central Portugal -- which ultimately led to her performing in various festivals such as Freekuency and Urban Jungle and flying to Las Vegas to work with Georgia-Anne Muldrow on her recently released debut album. Her music is deep, designed to direct you inside and transform you in love and light.


They say:

''If Erykah Badu, Björk, Amy Winehouse, Kimbra and Portishead (the whole band formation from 1997) all made love in this giant orgy until a musical baby was born and gave that baby a Valium, that baby would be... iamLawn''

She says:

''I love music, but The WAY I move through life is my true artwork.
Music allows me to share my joy and love with my Earth family. More than anything, I want to connect you to yourself, to take you inside and to allow you a glimpse into the infinite love that we come from, that is your birthright to know''

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