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Exciting developments to share! 

Hey beauties, 

I am suuuuuuuper excited to share something I have been building with you. 

I will release (Patreons get the first glimpse) what I have been developing with a super talented friend of mine, Sara Soares in a few days and I can't WAIT!! 


It will be the beginning of the next chapter of the LAWN project and we have some exciting changes underway that will be dropped every now and then in the next few months. 

Stay posted and THANK you for being here with me!!








Synth/hardware programming workshop and gig @ Trunfe 


Hey homies!  

Coming up tomorrow in Coimbra I have a cheeky little afternoon synth workshop hosted by the LEGENDS at Trunfe-Kopos.  

Come down and get some!! For those of you that can't be there is person I will record bits and pieces and upload it for your viewing pleasure!  

I will be talking about my process of music production (with my octatrack and sp404sx) and showing how to synthesize subtractively (with my 1982 Roland Juno 6). I will loop some stuff and hopefully get some not-so-shy audience members involved in the unfolding of the performance/afternoon. It will be a lot of fun!!  

WOOOOO the last little while has been quite full-on. I have started exploring parkour/circusy stuff and it is SOOOO COOOL!! the world of circus-performing-art is incredible and I have learnt so much by just hanging around some of these amazingly talented people.  

There is this inherent atitude of 'just try it!', people experimenting with performance and what their bodies are capable of.  

I think we in the music world can learn a lot from this method of experimental learning. I would love to bring more and more people into the music world - it is not such a special thing as we in the west make it out to be - for the elite 'talented few'. For me, everyone is musical (we naturally walk in 2/4 rhythm and our heart is a never-stopping metronome) and music is available to everyooooone!  

SO YES let's play some music together tomorrow and see what unfolds.  

I look forward to seeing you there xxxx

iamLawn adventures 

Hey homies, 

It's time we catch-up - a lot has been happening lately. 

Lawn has been sorting out her FINANCESS woo! 
Lawn got married and is slowly coming closer to being a resident of her current country. 
Lawn is developing her freelancing income. 
Lawn is in planning/preperation for van life and touring. 
Lawn is in preparation for the next summer festival tour. 
Lawn is working on her songwriting/piano playing/performance abilities. 
Slowly, Lawn is sorting her SH*t out hehehe!! 

I haven't been so in touch lately - as my life has kind of been building itself up and breaking itself down again in the last few months. 

The most exciting news is that I have moved to the city of Porto to organize my finances and buy a van that I will move my gear into and work from. I plan on travelling and working around Europe - collaboration with multi-media artists from around the world, sharing my music with everyone I meet. I am currently a lady on a MISSION!! 

After working for about a year on the release of my EP I have seen how expensive that process is - in so many ways. Financially, time-consuming, resource-wise. I can't do it the same way again and I am heading towards finding a manager/team-mate to support and guide me so I can focus on CREATING, more than the management/promotion side of things (which I SUCK at, compared to my art-makiiiing). We can't move mountians alone - you guys are already being a HUGE help by supporting me here. 

I can't thank you enough! 

I am currently working on a few things, an electronic press package is in the idea bank to begin preparing for world domination next year, my live performance stuff is also cooking - I want to make a truly EPIC show for yall, collaborators - here I come!! I have been playing piano and singing a little on the streets of Porto, practicing my skills and preparing for my own artistic next-level endeavors. And I am working on a website called Fiverr, selling my song-writing expertise and luscious vocal tones. 

It still needs a bit of development before I am living sustainably from it all - but I am nearly there!! When I am sustained financially I can focus more on my CREATIOOOONNNSSS. 

I have started writing songs again (DAMN IT FEELS SO GOOD!!) and back on the 'Artist's Way' bandwagon (If you haven't heard about that book, GET INTO IT COZ IT ROOOOCKS!! True life changer) 

Love you guys and I hope all is well in your spheres. 


Dealing with fearful thoughts 

Last night I couldn´t sleep. 

It took me a few hours I think.

As I tried, I went deeply into myself and the many overwhelming thoughts bouncing around my brain.
As I tried to sleep I realized that the dominant emotion/feeling/vibration that I have been practising for the past few weeks is overwhelmingly fear-based.

I was watching many different thoughts and ideas and opinions and dialouges bouncing around my brain (Imagine an electrical circuit with excess energy and no grounding wire) And for the first time since I allowed the fear vibe in (a few weeks ago), and didn´t catch it in time, and then the law of attraction brought me more of the same feeling thoughts more and more and more until last night I finally took the time and space to just quietly observe what was happening in my experience.

It was a cold dark room. In the beginning I was scared of dark beings. Then I was scared of the girl that hates me and what if she spread her hatred and other people started hating me. Then I was scared I was being awkward in all my social interactions and wasn´t giving everyone the love I love to give when I focus my attention on someone. Then I was scared of losing friends because of my awkwardness. Then I was scared my music sucks. Then I was scared I might fail as an artist. Then I was scared of having no money. Then I was scared that maybe I am a phony human and don´t deserve friends or good things in life. Then I was scared of my future as a touring musician and what if that ruins my relationship.
And around and around my thoughts went.


And it has been like this for the past few weeks as I dove into my work and neglected my self love and care schedule, gradually feeling worse and worse and spinning around and not knowing why.


SO there I laid in bed last night, finally with time, space and silnce to reconnect with my self and for the first ten minutes my head spun and I felt horrid.
Then I went "OH, I´m practising the vibrations of FEAR!" I´m literally eating horrid thoughts! And as each new fear-based thought came, I caught it and I gently hugged it, and I practised my wise, positive, reasonable voice on each thought.
"Oh, That girl? Her hating you is more a reflection of herself - of course! You know who you are, why let her ugly thoughts have any affect on you? "Beautiful Shannon! Rest your body. You have AMAZING friends. Go easy on yourself. Let it go." "You don´t do music primarily to succeed! You do it because you love it" "Just keep doing your work, angel, Step by step. You have already come such a long way." "You can already see money coming, Law of attraction is gold. It is already here. Go easy beautiful" 

And one by one, peaceful, loving, goddess Shannon loved, caressed and sung to fearful scared Shannon.

And fearful Shannon finally slept a deep healing sleep for the first time in weeks ~ 


Excerpt from Shannon morning pages 22.03.2018

Upcoming release with Brasil's INQUÉRITO 

Hey guys,


Woah My dear MC friend Inquérito just sent me the official teaser for his new album that is soon to be released, and daaaamn I AM SO EXCITED AND FEEL SO BLESSED TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THIS PROJECT, look how cool this video is hehe!


Yea, basically just buzzing right now. I wrote a little versey thing for a song I called "Amar é Viver" which is my first song written in Portuguese (Thanks to the amazing help of Juliano CT AKA Algoritmo, a badass hiphop MC from Coimbra, for helping me translate my English lyrics and Guiné for recording, and both of those fellows for helping me pronounce it all okay hehe) It was a really fun and interesting process, and Renan is just SUCH A GOOD DUDE MAN! I can't believe how cool it has been to get to know him and work with him.


On another high so high trippy note, today I received and downloaded my mixes from the living legend Georgia Anne Muldrow, of my 5 track EP which will come out soon (I will release a couple of videos of live performances from this EP in the next few days to drop alongside Inquéritos album)
I haven't quite listened to them yet, I'm a bit nervous to, but I trust everything will be AMAZING!

I have been working on a couple of music videos for this EP, and I'm really really excited, maybe too excited, I think I need to calm down a little bit hehe.


All right, I think I need to go do some deep breathing and have a meditate.


Love you guys,

See you soon!




Support my art so I can eat, and create bigger and better things!!

introducing: iamLAWN media (public post) 

Hey beautiful people, 

For the past few months I have been exploring who I am with the practical intention of learning to create meaningful valuable content to share with the people I love (you guys). 

With the realization dawning upon me that I can not work normal jobs for happy life reasons, and that when I create and share art and sound I make the world a better place, I have worked(played) really hard to find what is most important to me, and how I can continue to spread more and more love and joy across the universe. 

I get closer to my truth, and have come to these conclusions: 

I want to share mindfulness, the way of life, the art of living as I see it and have experienced it. 
For me, this has been the most valuable thing in my world, even above music which I have dedicated my practical "work" hours to. 
What is the point in making music (or doing anything) if it does not bring me joy. 

So here it is: 
iamLAWN media 

I will share music with you. I will travel the world, bringing to you my sounds and vibrations, spreading the message of love and hope. I seek to enrich your lives, bringing inspiration and joy.

I will share my mindfulness with you, I will inspire with examples of how I have transformed my life from years of deep depression into one filled primarily with joy and peace (I am still learning, so we will be students walking this journey together). 

I will share stories and music and art and more of other people who I feel are incredibly inspiring, with the intention of offering hope and joy. 

And I will share other stuff I find extremely relevant and inspiring, pointing towards alternative lifestyles and lovingly breaking free from all we are told we are supposed to be. 
(Such as environment how to's like compost toilets etc, cutting down plastic waste, eating healthier, growing gardens etc, following your dreams) 

Let us see how it all goes. 
I would love it if you would join me on this journey, but I know only those who are ready will hear my truth. And it is all SO SO COOL!! There is much fun to be had. 

Jump on board, support my patreon from as little as $1 a month and you will be right in the middle of the positive vibes I am choosing to create. 

A huge thanks to those of you who are here already. 
Love you all! 


LAWN music video, festival preparation and meditation 

Hey lovely ones! Let's have a quick catchup.

If you have been following me and seeing what I've been up to, thank you :) I appreciate your support on my mission. 

I am currently busy at work preparing music videos of my soon-to-be-released EP (Oh my gosh FUN!! cheeky pic preview, courtesy of Rita Douby, this one is partly filmed in a bamboo forest)

and live-sets of my original music with a band (so. much. fun..!) for a couple of festivals coming up, and working my butt off figuring out the best way to connect to you all and other conscious humans who will feel my music and art (also really really fun, but super challenging). Meditation is SAVING MY BUTT. I have also released a little youtube video of "Why I write morning pages", and I hope you get some value out of my sharing. Link below.

What I am organizing for this up-coming show is: dancers/movement explorers, live visuals,

a 5 piece band and a beautiful young lady to document it all (the same lady who took the above photo during our filming of my video) so I can share more behind-the-scenesy stuff with you guys and maybe get some releases out of the footage. 




Patron supporters will have access to all my releases and special content before anybody else, and also access to the Patron-only feed. Today I uploaded a snippet of a behind the scenes festival rehersal last week. You can gain access to all this stuff and more from $1 a month. 

Love you x (find the morning pages video here)  here's a concert my visuals man and I did together previously

Happy new years beautiful people! 

Happy new year family!! Let us make our world a little bit better by making some small positive changes towards leading better lives!! Fun!  

1) I will focus on reducing my waste, the goal is to eventually become zero waste. How cool would that be!! And fun to learn some cool new stuff!  

2) I will eat less meat, and I would love to learn a bunch of new healthy recipes, more vegetables and fruit, more raw food  

3) I will create my art freely and every day, and I will give it all away for free. I will travel around the world carrying my work, collaborating and sharing with amazing humans from everywhere! And I will become financially sufficient from my work.  

4) Most importantly, I will strive to enjoy each moment. To relearn how to be happy. To make the most of this conscious, temporary life experience and trust the unfolding as it occurs. What are your focuses? Love you beautiful people x  

Here is our beautiful home, and the scene for my first live streamed concert - which you will be able to see when you become a Patron if my art, no matter how much you can support! Xx


SUPPORT THE ARTIST! click the link below and follow the prompts to subscribe. Love you, and thank you for being here!

LAWN official audio release - Jah Imp 

Hi beautiful humans,

I have been working a lot recently on the construction of a solid brand, and foundation for my art and my life. Keep watching this space!
I have a gorgeous friend Lucy Yu - an incredible artist also known as Artemuse (Check her work here who has and is currently helping me through the process of the creation. I highly reccomend seeing what this beautiful woman is up to!

I am writing for two reasons,

1) I have my first little audio release! It is a beat and vocal improvisation that I really enjoyed, and I hope you do too!

This was created with my Octatrack, basically I took some drum samples and messed around with them for a few hours, creating incredible sounds that shook my bones.
Then I played them live into my DAW, effecting them as the track progressed so nothing will ever stay sounding the same, and the version you hear on the track will never sound quite the same if I do it again.
Then I created the vocal journey to take you through my giving thanks for the daily bread.
ENJOYYY!! It is my heart on a platter, just for YOU.


and 2) I have created my Patreon account, and I need YOUR help! In order to continue this art and my future creations, I need your support.
I need patrons. If you find my art and my message valuable, I call on you to help me make this art sustainable! Even €1 a creation will help in this journey, and I plan on creating some really cool rewards for those of you that help me change the world!
I have big plans for what I will give back to the community we create, and there is some very exciting stuff coming up that I look forward to sharing with you.


LOVE to us, family.



Hllo BTful Hmans!  

Hey lovely ones,


And a big welcome to LAWN's new website! It's quite an exciting time, a lot is happening at the moment for sure. 
We have touched down in Lisbon with the plan of sticking around for a while.

It's taken a long time to get here; a repertoire of work worthy for release, a website, solid goals and plans regarding pushing this sweet music out to the worllddddd, a level of fearlessness and shamelessness required to rip this shit up whether people like it or not, and a transforming of ways in which the world, music and everything is seen and experienced, in order to allow this stuff to unfold as it needs to. What a trip!

This past year has been an incredible one. LAWN has been able to develop and grow as a project and concept without distraction, and many dreams and ideas from the past 8 years were fulfilled. LAWN played many performances across many genres on many different instruments, made amazing friends from all over the world, discovered a special kind of voice, beat style and ukulele fingers, played the first gigs as pianist and band leader, met famous people and jammed with them, organized and composed for various performances, freestyled with hip hop legends, performed hours of improvisational protest songs against the privatisation of our education and celebration of Women on International Woman's day. LAWN helped with festivals, became a street clown... Ah man we could go on for agggeesss, it was such an amazing time!!

The last chapter has closed, and a huge thanks is owed to everyone and everything. Republica Baco, for becoming home and heart for the past few wonderful months. Velha Capital, you guys are family and are loved so much, legendary hip hop crew that let LAWN in woooo! Sjoerd and the Strollers, some great adventures and music was made!! The family in NZ, for being so loving and supportive and trusting even with all of the weird photos and having no idea what was going on. Hannah, for the AMAZING music and adventures you amazing lady, FEMININE WITCHCRAFT WOO! Abraham Hicks, you are pure joy. There is too much! You've all added such a richness to LAWN's world you have no idea! CAMINO DE SANTIAGO and friends, that road changes lives.


And so the next chapter opens with LAWN and Fabrica coffee roasters and Lisbon and this website. 
After a year of LIVING and EXPLORING and CREATING and LEARNING away from everything considered known, we come back into the world with wisdom, love and light and a desire to LIGHT SOME SHIT ON FIRE!

Entao, if you want to be involved, AMAZING. We are happy you are already here. And we are happy to finally be able to share this art with you. 

Let's do this!






PS, for each blog written, a little music tidbit will be posted also. Feel free to request a topic and LAWN will write a song around the selected ones! You guys are great xx