New release: iamLawn & Angelika Bourti - Dreaming

A cheeky little collaboration with a beautiful friend of mine, Angelika. 


She asked to come and jam, little did we know we would end up writing a full song! 

It is a song about how focusing on ambition SUCKS||| kindof.. 

I decided to 'pursue' music for a few reasons

Firstly because it allows me to document my life journey - so that I can look back and remember dearly what has passed by listening to the music created at the time. 
It also demands of me that I continue to grow and learn every day, humbling, struggling, celebrating, enjoying, sweat, tears and all!
It is also some of the most playful fun I have had in my life, then becoming a healing process of experiencing life itself. 


The past year I seem to have gotten more and more focused on 'making it' ... lol.. but I think that is mostly due to not taking care of myself financially, so money became an obsession (coz I had none). <<<<<<<<<LAAAAAAAAMMMME! So here is me letting go of that focus, sorting out my life (i have decided I will find a part-time job if I need to, so I can free myself and my art from the burden of earning) hehe and again letting my creativity flow freely and be fun! Man life is SO FUNNY!! I have had the last 2 and half years more or less to create freely, without working on anything else. I have learned so much and made such beautiful things. I am truly happy and ready for the next phase. Things are going to be bigger and more gangsta than ever before! No doubts x


Check it out homies!!


iamLawn & Angelika Bourti - Dreaming

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