LAWN official audio release - Jah Imp

Hi beautiful humans,

I have been working a lot recently on the construction of a solid brand, and foundation for my art and my life. Keep watching this space!
I have a gorgeous friend Lucy Yu - an incredible artist also known as Artemuse (Check her work here who has and is currently helping me through the process of the creation. I highly reccomend seeing what this beautiful woman is up to!

I am writing for two reasons,

1) I have my first little audio release! It is a beat and vocal improvisation that I really enjoyed, and I hope you do too!

This was created with my Octatrack, basically I took some drum samples and messed around with them for a few hours, creating incredible sounds that shook my bones.
Then I played them live into my DAW, effecting them as the track progressed so nothing will ever stay sounding the same, and the version you hear on the track will never sound quite the same if I do it again.
Then I created the vocal journey to take you through my giving thanks for the daily bread.
ENJOYYY!! It is my heart on a platter, just for YOU.


and 2) I have created my Patreon account, and I need YOUR help! In order to continue this art and my future creations, I need your support.
I need patrons. If you find my art and my message valuable, I call on you to help me make this art sustainable! Even €1 a creation will help in this journey, and I plan on creating some really cool rewards for those of you that help me change the world!
I have big plans for what I will give back to the community we create, and there is some very exciting stuff coming up that I look forward to sharing with you.


LOVE to us, family.



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