Lady Bright - Song for our people


Hey beauties,


Iam in NEXT LEVEL appreciation mode of all the amazing humans I have connected with along my way. I have been so incredibly blessed to know the amazing souls that I know, and there are so many of you!



I am the person I am today because of the blessed humans I have met along my way. I am eternally grateful for that.

There is so many of you that I miss so so much and would love to be with, appreciating you to your face in person. I would love so so much for some time to spend with you, drinking tea (coz its so cold right now where I am!!), sharing stories, aw man Id just grab you all up in a huge cuddle and hold you for a few hours.


It is hard to express how much gratitude I am feeling towards you all in a blog post! How many incredible people do you have in your life whose paths have crossed with yours, or who even walked with you for a moment and then life caused you to seperate? I love you guys so much, thank you for all you have given me.


Basically, I met a beautiful woman named Lisa Shalom and we created this song together about three days ago to release on my patreon. 
It started with me improvising a line into my 404 'Where have all the good ones gone?´'
Which turned into us thinking about the dear people in our lives that always seem to disappear as we walk along our own journeys. I chucked some piano chords down for the two parts and we co-wrote the song, brainstorming lyrics. Lisa played the wonky beat into my octatrack, I sung the bass for the first part and she sung the bass for the bridge, then she recorded the badass harmonies and man! I did some basic mixing and mastering and after about 12 hours in the studio we had a song.



But listening to it brings tears to my eyes, I don't have words - really - the song expresses better how I am feeling, and you AMAZING people that I know are in the place you need to be, spreading love and light and positivity where you are. Although I would love to be with you, I need to be doing my light work here for now. And i trust that you have your part of the world under wraps. 


I love you all so much. my heart is overflowing. 



It is our purpose.


I love you, 




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