Announcing: LAWN - live web wide Concert Series, and a new collaboration Release


Hey beautiful people!


Thank you for being here.

I will keep the exciting news short..!


Point 1) A new video concert release by hannah and Shannon

Point 2) NEW LIVE concert series streamed from THE BUS. check point 2 below for details.




1) A Quick story:


Once upon a time there was a lonely traveller girl with an ukulele, who passed through a small city in Portugal. She found there a home and a family, so she stayed for a while. A special time passed, until another traveller girl with a guitarlele passed through, and needed a place to stay for the night. In no time they both discovered in one another, a desire to make the human race happier through their music, and they fell in love, and made some music babies, before disappearing off again into the horizon. The first girl is me, Shannon. The second girl is the amazing Hannah Jolanthe.



During this tale unfolding, a dear talented friend of mine LAZY EYE ( ) who makes AWESOME videos for humans, recorded us performing a couple of the songs we created.
And the first was released today!!!
It's a little number called "Birds" and we first played it on the street as an improvisation, which was later turned into a song.



I hope you enjoy our work!!


Share share share, and if you would like to support the artistas, check out the link to our websites that are posted in our youtube video's text!


watch here: HANNAH & SHANNON - BIRDS




2) In the spirit of collaboration and creation:

I would like to announce a brand new CONCERT SERIES that will be LIVE STREAMED over the internet, starting this Friday at 5pm - Portugal time, or Saturday at 6am - New Zealand time, haha sorry Mum!


The concerts will take place in "The BUS", a blog post on this amazing vehicle (that I am currently living in with Aitor) and what is has been through soon!
BUT YOU WILL SEE IT ON FRIDAY IF YOU TUNE IN ANYWAY woo. ( Check out my Patreon page and the GOAL section to see a little bit of info on the bus, also a cheeky pic in the most recent blog post )


The concert series will be live performance LAWN collaborations, showcasing talented local artists!
These concerts will happen every fortnight for the next three months, same time, same place! I will post Facebook events for those of you in the area, and you can come and see the concerts personally.


For the rest of you - I will LIVE STREAM the events on my Patreon page, and you can come and check it out there.


This week will feature the INCREDIBLY TALENTED Brasilian musician/artist/teacher, Pedro Ribeiro da Silva.
I met this brilliant human in a Republica ( ) (Ancient community-houses created by the KING of Portugal, in Coimbra) about a year ago, and I look forward so much to making some music with him!


See you there - I promise it will be pretty exciting!!





If you guys appreciate my work I am looking for Patrons, €1 a month will get you access to Patron-only feeds. If you can spare €3 a month you will get earlybird access to releases and I am still working on the rest. lovelovelove




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