A Day in the Life of an Independant Musician - youtube release (public iamLAWN Media post)

Hey beautiful people, 




      I wanted to touch in to share with you how a day in my life currently unfolds. I have not worked a full-time normal job for about a year and a half now (except for 3 months in Lisbon, which lovingly reminded why I quit). 






      For the last year and a half I have been pursuing full-time my craft (MUSIIIICCC). 

      If you are wondering how your life might look if you decide to throw away your full-time job and pursue full-time joy, peace and your passions, I want to share with you to not be afraid!! Because for me, it has all worked out better than fine and it continues to. 

      Move forward in truth and trust, because everything is going to be okay! (photo from this Weekend, thank you beautiful sweet Neves)




      I have learned that no matter what, I am protected, I have very rarely gone hungry or cold, and me letting go of the struggle and choosing love and joy above EVERYTHING else (financial security for example) has allowed me to watch as miracle after miracle unfolds in front of me. I have not needed to sell myself or do anything that made me uncomfortable haha, just to make that clear! Somehow, everything balances itself automatically. 


“Creativity requires faith. Faith requires that we relinquish control.” ― Julia Cameron 




      It is as if the current system we live in is one of prevention (the fear of scarcity) - we work SO HARD to prevent ourselves from ever running out of money or going hungry or being in danger, but at the cost of LIFE itself. And as soon as I let go of this FEAR, and began to follow my heart and pursue my dreams NO MATTER WHAT, guess what, I discovered that behind the curtain of fear and misconception, is peace and abundance. For me, a person who currently has (as some of my family members might put it) nothing: I have never gone without. 


“Leap, and the net will appear.” ― Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way 




      I am working so much, often a minimum of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I am SO HAPPY. I am SO RICH. I don't want to take a day off, because most of the time I am doing EXACTLY what it is I want to do. 

      I started by randomly walking 900km (Caminho de Santiago September 2016), along my way I magically found alternative ways to live; communities, where people share the costs and daily jobs of living.
      This led to the realisation that a HOUSE and living like an island (alone, eating, cooking alone, thinking of myself only) Is a HUGE waste of money, and depressing as heck. So I never went back.
      In these communities I began to understand the VALUE of art, music and creativity. Some people cook. Other peope clean. Other people garden. For me, I brought value to people's lives by PLAYING MUSIC.

      How revolutionary is that haha (sarcasm, but I actually never realised before how valuable my existance was when I played music...) Since then I have been dreaming bigger and bigger dreams, and watching as miraculously, my thoughts and desires have turned into physical things (Faster and faster as I get happier and happier in my own life, usually now it takes one month maximum for me to manifest medium sized dreams, such as and recordings and valuable stuff to share with you guys etc)
      I am learning that during the thought-to-thing process, it is my job to stay as clean and happy as I can, therefore connected to The Way Of Life (Love, divine mother, God, buddha, whatever you want to call it), which not only makes EVERY MOMENT OF THE JOURNEY so enjoyable for me, but the THING ITSELF shines so much more brightly when it becomes a solid thing. 



      Not convinced? Don't worry. If and when the time is right, you will know! Just take it easy and go forth with the knowledge that there IS an alternative to the 'normal' way, and everything just seems to unfold exactly as it is meant to. Life DOES get better, and anything I dream I CAN create.






Check the video below of what a day in my weird, wonderful, magical life looks like here:



In this video I talk about: 

My art: 



Lone Wolf: https://thelonewolfofficial.com/ 


Algoritmo from the hiphop snippet, he is rapping (this is our hiphop crew): 



República Baco (Algortimo, Rita (camera lady) and my house): https://www.facebook.com/republica.baco/ 


República Pra-Kys-Tão (Where we went for dinner and recorded the video with the very famous Pedro Ribeiro): https://www.facebook.com/republicaprakystao/ 



I love you guys. I hope this is valuable for you x

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