Iamlawn on Netflix!

I once wrote a song for a Netflix series, I found the process super funny and initially a bit difficult for me, as the lyrics of the MC which I'd been given to work with, were super sexual and all…

Exciting developments to share!

Hey beauties, 

I am suuuuuuuper excited to share something I have been building with you. 

I will release (Patreons get the first glimpse) what I have been developing with a super talented friend of mine, Sara Soares in a few…

Life lessons from young woman Shannon aka Lawn

Hey malta,


I would love to share with you a little bit about my life hacks. I am going to type it quickly and hopefully with minimal editing as I would like to express myself as freely as…

New release: iamLawn & Angelika Bourti - Dreaming

A cheeky little collaboration with a beautiful friend of mine, Angelika. 


She asked to come and jam, little did we know we would end up writing a full song! 

It is a song about how focusing…


Lady Bright - Song for our people


Hey beauties,


Iam in NEXT LEVEL appreciation mode of all the amazing humans I have connected with along my way. I have been so incredibly blessed to know the amazing souls that I know, and there are…

Synth/hardware programming workshop and gig @ Trunfe


Hey homies!  

Coming up tomorrow in Coimbra I have a cheeky little afternoon synth workshop hosted by the LEGENDS at Trunfe-Kopos.  

Come down and get some!! For those of you that can't be there is person…

iamLawn adventures

Hey homies, 

It's time we catch-up - a lot has been happening lately. 

Lawn has been sorting out her FINANCESS woo! 
Lawn got married and is slowly coming closer to being a resident of her current country. 


Dealing with fearful thoughts

Last night I couldn´t sleep. 

It took me a few hours I think.

As I tried, I went deeply into myself and the many overwhelming thoughts bouncing around my brain.
As I tried to sleep I realized that…




Save the date. 




LAWN - debut 
album release. 



Enjoy: ALBUM TEASER TRACK - i don't know 



Announcement of venue coming soon.


Upcoming release with Brasil's INQUÉRITO

Hey guys,


Woah My dear MC friend Inquérito just sent me the official teaser for his new album that is soon to be released, and daaaamn I AM SO EXCITED AND FEEL SO BLESSED TO HAVE BEEN A…


New Video Release - Pedro Ribeiro da Silva and Lawn

Hey beauties,


I am really happy to be able to share with you the second release from a mini-concert Pedro Ribeiro da Silva (Brasilian Genius musician, composer, theoretical mastermind human) and I performed last week at Pra-Kys-Tão. If…