Upcoming release with Brasil's INQUÉRITO

Hey guys,


Woah My dear MC friend Inquérito just sent me the official teaser for his new album that is soon to be released, and daaaamn I AM SO EXCITED AND FEEL SO BLESSED TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THIS PROJECT, look how cool this video is hehe!


Yea, basically just buzzing right now. I wrote a little versey thing for a song I called "Amar é Viver" which is my first song written in Portuguese (Thanks to the amazing help of Juliano CT AKA Algoritmo, a badass hiphop MC from Coimbra, for helping me translate my English lyrics and Guiné for recording, and both of those fellows for helping me pronounce it all okay hehe) It was a really fun and interesting process, and Renan is just SUCH A GOOD DUDE MAN! I can't believe how cool it has been to get to know him and work with him.


On another high so high trippy note, today I received and downloaded my mixes from the living legend Georgia Anne Muldrow, of my 5 track EP which will come out soon (I will release a couple of videos of live performances from this EP in the next few days to drop alongside Inquéritos album)
I haven't quite listened to them yet, I'm a bit nervous to, but I trust everything will be AMAZING!

I have been working on a couple of music videos for this EP, and I'm really really excited, maybe too excited, I think I need to calm down a little bit hehe.


All right, I think I need to go do some deep breathing and have a meditate.


Love you guys,

See you soon!




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