Synth/hardware programming workshop and gig @ Trunfe


Hey homies!  

Coming up tomorrow in Coimbra I have a cheeky little afternoon synth workshop hosted by the LEGENDS at Trunfe-Kopos.  

Come down and get some!! For those of you that can't be there is person I will record bits and pieces and upload it for your viewing pleasure!  

I will be talking about my process of music production (with my octatrack and sp404sx) and showing how to synthesize subtractively (with my 1982 Roland Juno 6). I will loop some stuff and hopefully get some not-so-shy audience members involved in the unfolding of the performance/afternoon. It will be a lot of fun!!  

WOOOOO the last little while has been quite full-on. I have started exploring parkour/circusy stuff and it is SOOOO COOOL!! the world of circus-performing-art is incredible and I have learnt so much by just hanging around some of these amazingly talented people.  

There is this inherent atitude of 'just try it!', people experimenting with performance and what their bodies are capable of.  

I think we in the music world can learn a lot from this method of experimental learning. I would love to bring more and more people into the music world - it is not such a special thing as we in the west make it out to be - for the elite 'talented few'. For me, everyone is musical (we naturally walk in 2/4 rhythm and our heart is a never-stopping metronome) and music is available to everyooooone!  

SO YES let's play some music together tomorrow and see what unfolds.  

I look forward to seeing you there xxxx

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