LAWN music video, festival preparation and meditation

Hey lovely ones! Let's have a quick catchup.

If you have been following me and seeing what I've been up to, thank you :) I appreciate your support on my mission. 

I am currently busy at work preparing music videos of my soon-to-be-released EP (Oh my gosh FUN!! cheeky pic preview, courtesy of Rita Douby, this one is partly filmed in a bamboo forest)

and live-sets of my original music with a band (so. much. fun..!) for a couple of festivals coming up, and working my butt off figuring out the best way to connect to you all and other conscious humans who will feel my music and art (also really really fun, but super challenging). Meditation is SAVING MY BUTT. I have also released a little youtube video of "Why I write morning pages", and I hope you get some value out of my sharing. Link below.

What I am organizing for this up-coming show is: dancers/movement explorers, live visuals,

a 5 piece band and a beautiful young lady to document it all (the same lady who took the above photo during our filming of my video) so I can share more behind-the-scenesy stuff with you guys and maybe get some releases out of the footage. 




Patron supporters will have access to all my releases and special content before anybody else, and also access to the Patron-only feed. Today I uploaded a snippet of a behind the scenes festival rehersal last week. You can gain access to all this stuff and more from $1 a month. 

Love you x (find the morning pages video here)  here's a concert my visuals man and I did together previously

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