Iamlawn on Netflix!

I once wrote a song for a Netflix series, I found the process super funny and initially a bit difficult for me, as the lyrics of the MC which I'd been given to work with, were super sexual and all about pleasure and satisfaction. Hahaaaa 
I wasn't super comfortable with this cliche, as I feel we have evolved beyond this now.  
So, I decided to turn the content around and become the sexy boss goddess woman. I wanted to show an experience of unconditional love, an opening, a softening, an entering into another human being which leaves us both richer and stronger and clearer.  
What fun!! Rather than let's get high to enjoy life, from taking from others, or taking substances to elevate our feelings, let's get high off life itself - you see? Hahha it sounds kinda silly to explain like this, but that's the idea. 
Two people, meet, connect, they get really real. They get present in this moment. They lavish themselves with abundance (luxury), with self love, with kindness, they open themselves up as deep as possible to the present moment and what it is offering. It is unconditional love. Tomorrow doesn't matter. Nothing else matters, just the joyous expression of the highest possible love for this moment. They connect to the gods and goddesses that they are.  
I wanted to represent a certain divine femininity around this theme. 
The beautiful dance as a whole. The balance between the contrasting and complementing energies. The unconditionality of an experience where two souls come together to celebrate and experience life for a moment. 
In my mind, I was abundant beyond measure (represented in this song by material wealth), I was powerful, beautiful, sexy, kind and instead of being led by a hunger for something outside of myself to fulfill me, I invited another dear soul into my world to experince my luxury with me. To treat ourselves to the abundance we emanate from, to provide a platform for myself and another soul to spend an evening of self-love so profound, it would transform our lives completely. 
No more of this old narrative of hunting, finding someone to prey upon, feed off them for an evening and then ditch them the next day while beginning the hunt for the next. How BORING!  
Let's enter instead into a new paradigm. No experience unless it is unconditional, it is true, it is love. Let's open into each other. Let's get together to celebrate life and experience fully each beautiful moment as it unfolds for us, whether with a spouse, partner, friend or stranger.  

In this song, the Goddess takes control of the situation. She shares her wealth, a metaphor of her abundance, she invites him in. He will not take what is not given, coz he's a smart, beautiful boy. They give and they take together. And together they evolve. Her guidance is accepted. And omg we have a sexy goddess song! 
It still makes my blush. 

I hope you enjoy hahahaha ha ❤️❤️❤️❤️? 


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