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Hey homies, 

It's time we catch-up - a lot has been happening lately. 

Lawn has been sorting out her FINANCESS woo! 
Lawn got married and is slowly coming closer to being a resident of her current country. 
Lawn is developing her freelancing income. 
Lawn is in planning/preperation for van life and touring. 
Lawn is in preparation for the next summer festival tour. 
Lawn is working on her songwriting/piano playing/performance abilities. 
Slowly, Lawn is sorting her SH*t out hehehe!! 

I haven't been so in touch lately - as my life has kind of been building itself up and breaking itself down again in the last few months. 

The most exciting news is that I have moved to the city of Porto to organize my finances and buy a van that I will move my gear into and work from. I plan on travelling and working around Europe - collaboration with multi-media artists from around the world, sharing my music with everyone I meet. I am currently a lady on a MISSION!! 

After working for about a year on the release of my EP I have seen how expensive that process is - in so many ways. Financially, time-consuming, resource-wise. I can't do it the same way again and I am heading towards finding a manager/team-mate to support and guide me so I can focus on CREATING, more than the management/promotion side of things (which I SUCK at, compared to my art-makiiiing). We can't move mountians alone - you guys are already being a HUGE help by supporting me here. 

I can't thank you enough! 

I am currently working on a few things, an electronic press package is in the idea bank to begin preparing for world domination next year, my live performance stuff is also cooking - I want to make a truly EPIC show for yall, collaborators - here I come!! I have been playing piano and singing a little on the streets of Porto, practicing my skills and preparing for my own artistic next-level endeavors. And I am working on a website called Fiverr, selling my song-writing expertise and luscious vocal tones. 

It still needs a bit of development before I am living sustainably from it all - but I am nearly there!! When I am sustained financially I can focus more on my CREATIOOOONNNSSS. 

I have started writing songs again (DAMN IT FEELS SO GOOD!!) and back on the 'Artist's Way' bandwagon (If you haven't heard about that book, GET INTO IT COZ IT ROOOOCKS!! True life changer) 

Love you guys and I hope all is well in your spheres. 


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