Hllo BTful Hmans! 

Hey lovely ones,


And a big welcome to LAWN's new website! It's quite an exciting time, a lot is happening at the moment for sure. 
We have touched down in Lisbon with the plan of sticking around for a while.

It's taken a long time to get here; a repertoire of work worthy for release, a website, solid goals and plans regarding pushing this sweet music out to the worllddddd, a level of fearlessness and shamelessness required to rip this shit up whether people like it or not, and a transforming of ways in which the world, music and everything is seen and experienced, in order to allow this stuff to unfold as it needs to. What a trip!

This past year has been an incredible one. LAWN has been able to develop and grow as a project and concept without distraction, and many dreams and ideas from the past 8 years were fulfilled. LAWN played many performances across many genres on many different instruments, made amazing friends from all over the world, discovered a special kind of voice, beat style and ukulele fingers, played the first gigs as pianist and band leader, met famous people and jammed with them, organized and composed for various performances, freestyled with hip hop legends, performed hours of improvisational protest songs against the privatisation of our education and celebration of Women on International Woman's day. LAWN helped with festivals, became a street clown... Ah man we could go on for agggeesss, it was such an amazing time!!

The last chapter has closed, and a huge thanks is owed to everyone and everything. Republica Baco, for becoming home and heart for the past few wonderful months. Velha Capital, you guys are family and are loved so much, legendary hip hop crew that let LAWN in woooo! Sjoerd and the Strollers, some great adventures and music was made!! The family in NZ, for being so loving and supportive and trusting even with all of the weird photos and having no idea what was going on. Hannah, for the AMAZING music and adventures you amazing lady, FEMININE WITCHCRAFT WOO! Abraham Hicks, you are pure joy. There is too much! You've all added such a richness to LAWN's world you have no idea! CAMINO DE SANTIAGO and friends, that road changes lives.


And so the next chapter opens with LAWN and Fabrica coffee roasters and Lisbon and this website. 
After a year of LIVING and EXPLORING and CREATING and LEARNING away from everything considered known, we come back into the world with wisdom, love and light and a desire to LIGHT SOME SHIT ON FIRE!

Entao, if you want to be involved, AMAZING. We are happy you are already here. And we are happy to finally be able to share this art with you. 

Let's do this!






PS, for each blog written, a little music tidbit will be posted also. Feel free to request a topic and LAWN will write a song around the selected ones! You guys are great xx

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  • Kate
    Kate Gois, Portugal
    Beautiful Inspiring Individual Creativity - Força xx

    Beautiful Inspiring Individual Creativity - Força xx

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