Happy new years beautiful people!

Happy new year family!! Let us make our world a little bit better by making some small positive changes towards leading better lives!! Fun!  

1) I will focus on reducing my waste, the goal is to eventually become zero waste. How cool would that be!! And fun to learn some cool new stuff!  

2) I will eat less meat, and I would love to learn a bunch of new healthy recipes, more vegetables and fruit, more raw food  

3) I will create my art freely and every day, and I will give it all away for free. I will travel around the world carrying my work, collaborating and sharing with amazing humans from everywhere! And I will become financially sufficient from my work.  

4) Most importantly, I will strive to enjoy each moment. To relearn how to be happy. To make the most of this conscious, temporary life experience and trust the unfolding as it occurs. What are your focuses? Love you beautiful people x  

Here is our beautiful home, and the scene for my first live streamed concert - which you will be able to see when you become a Patron if my art, no matter how much you can support! Xx


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