''If Erykah Badu, Björk, Amy Winehouse, Kimbra and Portishead (the whole band formation from 1997) all made love in this giant orgy until a musical baby was born and gave that baby a Valium, that baby would be your singer friend'' Said a friend of Lisa Shalom about New Zealand-born Shannon Lawn's solo project, iamLawn.

Shannon was brought up playing piano in a musical family and fell in love with jazz while going to her mum’s jazz gigs as a kid. 
After her first European travel at 18 years of age, she returned to New Zealand to study jazz vocals at the New Zealand School of Music, which she graduated with a first-class Honors degree and a postgradute award. 
During her studies Shannon worked and studied with incredible artists such as ‘Rakalam’ Bob Moses, Rodger Fox and Thomas Voyce. 

After leaving New Zealand, Shannon began dedicating time to studying production and songwriting, using vintage analog synths (Juno6, Chroma Polaris, Mono/poly and more) and her Octatrack. Electronic music production quickly became a love and she used these tools to create her first project and album released in 2018 - iamLawn - Debut. 

To bring this album into fruition, Shannon spent a year in Portugal writing over 900 songs and ideas, of which she selected five to be mixed in Las Vegas with Georgia-Anne Muldrow. She spent a week with Georgia learning about Georgia’s working method and returned to Europe with an EP.

Shannon works as a consultant and composer/vocalist for various clients around the world, helping other artist’s bring their musical visions into a reality. 
One of her recent vocal works was composed for Netflix and can be found on the Netflix Series, Berlin Dogs. 
She frequently performs her solo show and has performed in various festivals and events such as Freekuency Festival 2018 (Portugal), Urban Jungle 2018 (Portugal) and more. 

Shannon is currently developing her show to blow your minds and has big visions for the next chapter ready to unfold. 

Keep your eyes open!